Exploring Patterns, Practices, and Tools for Sustainable Code

Neo4j & Graph Databases

Sudhin Verghese (@sudhcha) has offered to talk about his experiences with neo4j and graph databases in general at the August 2nd Cincy Clean Coders.  This should be a great topic to expand the normal of those deeply entrenched in the grasp of enterprise relational databases. Following Sudhin we can continue the Gilded Rose Kata from our [...]

Recap of Gentle Intro to TDD from Sti...

Peggy Krpata has offered to recap Corey Haines’ A Gentle Introduction to TDD session from StirTrek for our July 5th Lightning Talk. Abstract for A Gentle Introduction to TDD You’ve heard that test-driven development is the way to go. Some people even say that it is the mark of a professional. But how do you get started? You’ve tr [...]

May 3rd Cincy Clean Coders

Cincy Clean Coders meet again tomorrow, May 3rd at the same bat time, same bat place. There are no plans for a lightning talk at this time, but please feel free to speak up. Selfishly I’d like to discuss architecture a little bit.  I’d like to discuss a single-page application we built recently that took a different approach organ [...]

April 5th Gathering & Poll

Lightning Talk @markhaskamp would like to do a lightning talk on Managing Code Complexity.  An expanded version of Mark’s topic will be held at the May Dayton .Net Users Group. Kata The previous Dayton Clean Coders sent out a What would you like to practice poll.  This worked out pretty well, because we were able to discuss a full on dilemma [...]

Cincy Clean Coders 2012

The inaugural year of Cincy Clean Coders has been awesome.  It is incredibly invigorating to see such a passionate, engaged group of professionals explore patterns, practices and tools for sustainable group.  I’m looking forward to seeing what creative and crazy ideas people have in the New Year. With this being a natural reflection [...]

Chock Full of Software Craftsmanship

This is an exciting week full of craftsmanship goodness! Thursday the 1st is the December Cincy Clean Coders.  The group decided at our last Clean Coders to continue the Roman Numerals problem this wee so as not to have to learn a new problem context.  This will allow us to focus on skills, patterns, and evolving our skills. To top [...]

@unclebobmartin comes to @cincycleanc...

Alas! no, he’s not as of now. But we wish it becomes true one day. However there’s still good news, keep reading forward. 10/6 Meeting Review We did the KataPotter using the Randori technique again. A poll was conducted to choose the technology and node.js emerged as the winner over C#, Java and Ruby. Thanks to Ryan Cromwell, the [...]

Randori and… Our Own Code Retr...

Cincy Clean Coders continues to evolve and I’m loving the direction that everyone has taken the group.  Announcement Last night I was really excited to announce that we are going to be hosting a Code Retreat in Cincinnati on December 3rd.  Mark Haskamp recently attended one in Chicago and offered to be our veteran and help facilita [...]

Cincy Clean Code Retreat

We had a great lightning talk from @markhaskamp who recapped the Code Retreat event he attended in Chicago. He was telling how they had several 45 minutes long coding session where-in after each session they had to present, throw away their code and start afresh in the next session. He laid stress on several clean code principles including DR [...]

Ping Pong Pairing

At our last meeting @sudhcha introduced the group to the Anti-If Campaign.  We then embarked on the Business Rules Kata.  The twist this week was that we also had a laptop open on the projector in which the group used Ping Pong Pairing to execute the Business Rules Kata.  The extra objective to minimize the use of if-state [...]